Postural Correction

Posture is the ability to hold your body vertical against gravity efficiently, with minimal energy expenditure. Our postural structure dictates the function of our organs, the movement of our muscles, and how efficiently we use energy, to minimise or eliminate muscle pain and deal with passive muscular pain relief.

You may have been told your whole life to pull your shoulders back or sit up straight. What you may not realise, is that you shouldn't have to work hard to hold yourself upright. With almost every person spending unhealthy amounts of time sitting and using 'posture-collapsing' technologies such as computers and smart phones, posture-related health problems are reaching epidemic proportions.

We pride ourselves in offering an effective system to improve your posture. We take posture photos at beginning of your chiropractic care, after a course of spinal adjustment we take another photo, this objectively tracks your progress through your care to give you independent results.



Dr Mari Volker Aspire Chiropractic Hamilton

"I personally had my first adjustment 10 years ago, and I get far more from the adjustments I get now as the ability of my body to reorganise to a higher level continues to progress" Dr. Mari Volker.

You might find you have had dysfunctional postural and neurological patterns since childhood, so the timespan it takes to re-organise can depend on your unique health history.

This postural corrective phase of care is where things start to get really exciting, as you will start to notice your body making its own array of changes. Many of our clients tell us that as they begin to change old patterns, their friends and family begin to ask them what they have been doing, as they progress towards a more optimum state of health.

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